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Forum Rules

This is a civilized public discussion forum, Please treat this discussion forum with respect.

Registering and participating at the Thepeopleforums constitutes agreement to abide by the our Terms and Conditions. All information submitted to The People Forums (stories, articles, etc.) must be from a credible source (newspaper, online magazine, fashion magazine, books, photo agency, model agencies, etc.).

We ask our members to have reliable sources for any information that they contribute to the discussions. The People Forums cannot and will not be held responsible for these contents.  The People Forums cannot and will not be held responsible for any slanderous remarks made by any member. The staff (admin, mod team leaders and moderators) cannot and will not be held responsible for any posts, the content in the posts and any unreliable information submitted to these forums by any members.

 We assume no responsibility to monitor the Websites but may do so at our discretion. Member posted content may be removed from the Websites at any time without prior notice. The People Forums also reserves the right to amend any rules at any time and with regard to any subject.

Be respectful. It’s perfectly fine to disagree with others as long as it is done respectfully and maturely, but do not attack other members in your posts or comments. Name-calling or harassment of other members is absolutely not tolerated here and may result in suspension.

If you have a problem with a post or a member here, please do not deal with it in the threads. Please send them an e-mail or a Private Message (PM) to discuss the matter. Or, if you do not feel comfortable with this, contact a Moderator to help resolve or mediate the matter.

Please remember to provide the source for every image or news story you share with us here. Journalists and photographers deserve credit for their work, just as those who take the time to scan. We want to continue to enjoy news stories and images and do not want to be prohibited from doing so.

Reference to other sites is required when crediting the members of another forum or a blog for a news story, an image or an announcement, etc. However, links to other forums and blogs are not permitted and will be automatically removed without discussion by Moderators.

Rudeness or disrespect directed at other members and their opinions is not tolerated.

Pornography is strictly prohibited.

Drug talk is not permitted.